Coneventus, Inc.
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What previous participants said about our events:

“Can you imagine a conference where you rated 5 to all presenters.  The conference blew the attendees away.  The material, the format, as well as the subject matter, expect presenters were uniformly awesome.  Thank you for offering this comprehensive to the Small Business community.”

“This may well be one of the more powerful SB conferences I’ve ever personally attended.  It comprised genuine small business interests.  Most speakers had an energetic presence that was inspiring to their audience.”
“Who ever came up with this program has his/her finger on the pulse of Small Business!”
“The entire day was genuinely worthwhile!”

“This is really a great event.  I feel that all the information I received today in this event is very valuable to the growth of my company.”

 “It was a very good program.  Very informative, good networking.”

“The entire program was phenomenal.  The business development and winning new proposals was excellent”

“The entire program was amazing!”

“The entire conference was exceptional!”

 “Presentations were interrelated in a way that made sense.  Many perspectives but with common themes”

 “Very well organized with concisely appropriate handout materials”

 “Great networking opportunity”

 “Presenters were high energy, enthusiastic.  This made it much more interesting.  This was one of the best Government sponsored events I’ve attended.”

 “Great format, made several new contacts, renewed old contacts; location is good downtown DC.”

 “Excellent planning and executions!”

 “Excellent and very informative!”

 “I guess the only thing left for you guys to do is take each SDB by the hand and place us in the arms of a benevolent mentor.”

 “Nice program-well organized and presented with good and substantial content.”

“I am so glad I attended this conference.  I am a president of a WOSB, HUBZone, SDB with over 80 employees.  This was definitely worth the time attending this conference.”
“This is the second time I have attended this conference.  Very well organized and efficiently run.”
“I particularly appreciated the notebook containing all of the Power point presentations.  I can go over them more methodically later, and reference the information as needed.”
“Excellent real value and presentations and useful for daily use”
“Location was great, handouts and materials were good too!”
“Logistics were great.  Info covered was directly applicable.  Info presented was detailed, candid and direct.  Loved the panels”

 “The level of information sharing was simply fantastic.”